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Houston Chiropractic Services

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Motion Healthcare

4826 Washington Ave.

Ste. 200


Phone 713-541-2800





Vitamins and Supplements


We all know there are vast amounts to choose from when it comes to vitamin supplements. AmeriSciences is the leader in the pharmaceutical grade supplement industry. AmeriSciences prides itself on producing the safest, most effective supplements in the health and wellness industry by offering pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals. AmeriScience products are developed by leading physicians and scientists to surpass its competitors in quality and effectiveness. By adhering to self-imposed standards equivalent to that required for pharmaceutical products, AmeriSciences provides products that you can trust for you and your entire family. AmeriSciences’ products specifically target all of your nutritional needs to allow for a longer and healthier life. Houston patients at can order our vitamins and supplements at our chiropractic clinic.