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Houston Chiropractic Services

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Chiropractic Houston: Spinal Decompression


Nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy in Houston is the alternative to back surgery. Spinal decompression is indicated for:

  • Herniated/Slipped or Bulging Disc.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease.
  • Facet Syndrome.
  • Sciatica/Leg Pain.
  • Headaches/Neck Pain/Arm Pain.
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain.
  • Unsuccessful or Failed Back Surgery.


Why you should consider decompression therapy in Houston?


Creditable…The only treatment developed by a team of specialists which include NASA, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and podiatrists.


Researched proven and effective…Medically documented in many prominent and prestigious medical journals.
Nonsurgical and Noninvasive...Complications from surgery can be severe and may result in debilitating conditions. Chiropractic decompressive therapy in Houston is painless and involves no recovery time.


 Convenient…Chiropractic decompression treatment sessions in Houston last only 20 to 30 minutes with no lost time from work.


Cost Effective…Cost of this chiropractic treatment for Houston patients is minimal compared to surgery. Financing is available with several payment options that are catered to fit your needs.


 If you or someone you know living in Houston have been recently diagnosed with a herniated or slipped disc and you are undecided about having surgery please call us now at our Chiropractic Clinic in Houston.  Nonsurgical spinal decompression has been documented in medical journals as having an average of 86% success and elevating pain.