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Houston Chiropractic Services

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Motion Healthcare

4826 Washington Ave.

Ste. 200


Phone 713-541-2800





Houston Chiropractic Services


Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression therapy in Houston is a credible and cost effective treatment for people suffering from pain. Our chiropractic clinic in Houston offers a wide range of services for symptoms such as leg pain or herniated/ bulging disc. This can be an ideal alternate for patients considering surgery.


Neck Pain Treatment
Most people experience some type of neck pain. Minor neck pain such as stiff or sore muscles from stress or poor sleeping can cause an individual living in Houston unneeded pain. Major neck pain which typically results from an accident or some other type of injury should be treated as soon as possible.


Back Pain Treatment
Houston patients that experience back pain can get relief by specific chiropractic manipulation called “spinal manipulation”. With adjustments to how your spine works, the nerves involved is reduced, pain is lowered and the body is allowed to heal. Back Pain Treatment at Motion Healthcare can greatly improve not only your back, but also your overall health.


Headache Treatment
Most headaches are treated with over the counter pain medication. Although this might provide temporary relief by dulling the pain, this does not address the root cause. However, here at Motion Health Care, we understand headaches are often caused by stress on the neck and shoulders. With chiropractic treatments, patients can find natural relief without the use of over the counter medications.


Auto Accident Care
Low impact or minor auto accidents can cause damage to your spinal area. These damages can cause serious pain and suffering to Houston patients.  With our services, Dr Parrish can help you navigate the waters either as your treating chiropractor or work closely with your attorney to ensure you receive the best healthcare possible.


Vitamins and Supplements
At our clinic we offer patients high quality vitamins and supplements. AmeriSciences is the leader in pharmaceutical grade supplements. Contact our chiropractic office in Houston to learn more.