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Chiropractic Houston: Headache Treatments


As many as 90% of adults have had or will have tension headaches.


The reason is that the neck is the body part that supports a person’s head. An average head can weigh between 8-10 lb; that represents about 8% of a person’s total body mass. It is because the neck and shoulders have to support this weight constantly that a person may feel pain and soreness. Neck and shoulder mobility may also be affected if there is any type of deviation between the bones of the neck and the shoulder. , then


Neck Pain Types


There are two types of neck pain types. These are divided into minor neck pain and major neck pain.


Minor Neck Pain


This is the type of neck pain where the neck is sore or stiff. This may be caused by fatigue or awkward positions and usually lasts a day or so.


Major Neck Pain


This is the type of neck pain where the pain is present for more than a day or so; occurs frequently of was caused by an accident or injury. If a person is a victim of this type of pain they should seek chiropractic help immediately.


Neck Pain as a Response to Stress


Other factors such as stress, physical or emotional; can lead to neck pain. Some people “carry” or affected by stress in a way where a part of their body reflects pain. For a lot of people it is the neck that gets affected if they are stressed. In this case of neck pain, a person tenses their neck muscles; tightening the neck. With time, if the person does not find release from their stress this pain can build up and even cause immobility of the neck. A consultation with an experience chiropractor can help a patient relieve the pain.


Visit the Chiropractic Houston Office


By visiting our offices you can find relief from the pain. Our expert chiropractors will help you relief the pain. At Motion Health Care, we specialize in giving top chiropractic service and expert care to patients in Houston. Contact us and make an appointment so that you can be relief from the pain. Please contact us at 713-541-2800 in the Houston area to schedule a no consultation.