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Chiropractic Houston: Auto Accident Care


Even low impact or minor accidents in Houston can cause damage to your spinal column. This damage may not manifest itself as a serious impaired bodily function for months or even years. Therefore, making an appointment with a Houston chiropractic doctor immediately after an accident or after a visit to the emergency room is imperative. Dr. Parrish is licensed in the state of Texas to be your treating chiropractic doctor for any body parts damaged as result of an accident. For high impact or major accidents resulting in severe body damage, Dr. Parrish will remain the treating chiropractic doctor and will refer you to the appropriate specialists depending on your specific needs. If you already have an attorney in Houston, Dr. Parrish will work closely with your attorney to ensure proper documentation and the best healthcare possible.


Dr. Parrish accepts Letters of Protection (LOP’s) so that there is no out of pocket expenses for the accident victim. If you do not have an attorney, that is not a problem. Through his extensive trusted knowledge and relationships in the community, Dr. Parrish will recommend several licensed attorneys in your area for you to choose. We also accept Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.) and most major medical insurance. Please do not hesitate to call our Houston Chiropractic office today for an appointment because time is of the essence in relation to an auto accident.