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Houston Chiropractic Services

Center Information

Motion Healthcare

4826 Washington Ave.

Ste. 200


Phone 713-541-2800





Dr Devin Parrish, Houston Chiropractic


  Dr. Devin Parrish is licensed in Houston, Texas to practice chiropractic and is also certified in manipulation under anesthesia. He has been practicing chiropractic for more than a decade and is renown in his field. If you are suffering from any discomfort, please give us a call today. Our mission is to help take your pain away.






Circuit Gym

Circuit training is an efficient and effective form of exercise as well as it’s fun. The philosophy of circuit training has been made popular by “Curves” who focus exclusively to women. In our new circuit training gym overlooking the Galleria in Houston, our chiropractic clinic has made circuit training available to men and women. Circuit training itself is not a form of exercise, per say, but the way an exercise session is structured. The training typically consists of 20 exercise stations completed for 30 seconds each; therefore, three sets or rounds takes about 30 minutes. The secret is that it works well for developing strength and endurance, working both aerobic and anaerobic type exercises simultaneously. It also improves flexibility and coordination and because you move through the exercise swiftly, you do not have to spend long hours in the gym. Also, the ranges of exercises provided by circuit training can help prevent boredom, which makes you more likely to stick with your exercise schedule. This makes exercising practical, resourceful, enjoyable, and easy to fit into your day. The combination of circuit training and a nutritional diet can be a successful weight loss program.





Comforting Suites

Our facility has tastefully designed Feng Shui artwork and décor to help you feel relaxed during your treatments. Our focus is to give you an outstanding chiropractic service that will heal you from your pain in a calming and a tranquil surrounding